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How Corporate Communications Can Benefit from E-cards

The impetus of technology is helping the organisation hierarchy at multiple levels. Corporate communications is one such area which is benefitting from the digital domain. When email was first introduced, it revolutionised the job of communications. Now social media has brought its own input. On a related level, the “digital” aspect of exchange of information is allowing an integrative approach. For instance, electronic greeting cards can benefit communications of an organisation.

The job description of corporate communications is more or less about improving the efficiency of information being sent out. It is not only about identifying channels of communications (email/video conferencing etc.), but also includes using innovative methods to attract customers and also to make them feel satisfied.

Electronic cards are easy to make and the multimedia effects really add a niche touch to your greetings. Now, not only can you target a wider range of customers and business colleagues, you can customise your message.

There are two channels of communications within an organisation. One is the internal level, concerned with the company’s own employees. The second is with outside clients and business colleagues.  Corporate e-cards works ideally for both segments, making them realise how important they are for the company.

Corporate greeting cards sent among the employees acknowledge their efforts and gives them a motivational incentive for working harder.

Business e cards sent to your liaisons and clients allow addition of a personal interest. Also, think in terms of the return on investment (ROI) for corporate communications. The cost for electronic cards is non-existent as compared to the routine cards. So not only are you saving money, but also enhancing the depth of your interaction.

Corporate communications is also concerned with keeping the liaisons aware of the latest news and updates from the company. An official email works fine, but one can think outside the box and use holiday ecards for business promotion. In this with each greeting, you can make aware of any event you are having. You can also add an achievement and acknowledge the liaison for their help.

The corporate communications hierarchy of the organisation is also considered with best practices and ethical perspective. Different applications of corporate social responsibility are dished out through the communications sector too. If you are using e-cards, then you are sending a “green” message.

This can be used to underline the fact that your company believes in environmentally friendly practices. It also helps in wooing green business clients, allowing your clientele range to be diverse.

The graphic appeal of electronic card is very difficult to mimic on paper without spending a lot. With e-cards, you can take a lot of liberty with your creativity and add animations too. With a large number of companies also generally using smart phones, e-greetings are more of a necessity than an option.

It has been made clear from above that greeting messages are not merely for the sake of acknowledging. They have an auxiliary side associated to them in which the corporate communications can benefit. It is all about application and being pro-active at enterprise level.

Patricia is a corporate advisor and writes regularly on corporate communication issues for a range of websites and blogs. Find out more at Eco 2 Greetings.