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New Flagship Museum-Retail Complex

One of most famous developers New World Development in Asia is working on the project K11 Musea Hong Kong. The project got official this year in June 21st.  The project is about building a new museum retail complex that is situated in the central part of Hong Kong’s Victoria Dockside Development. It is expected that the wait will be over in the next year.

As the famous developers are besides the project, one can imagine how extravagant it is going to be. It is going to give the district Victoria Dockside in Tsim Sha. Already the area has got a high value in real estate and is expected to be higher in the coming days after the completion of the retail complex.

Innovative museum combined with mall

k11 musea hong kong

Adrian Cheng is the executive vice chairman of the company New World Development. He is also the founder of K11 group. He has already developed lots of innovative museum cum retail mall all over China. He has also been behind lots of project in the field of fashion, technology, retail, property, and media globally.

K11 Musea is going to be a 10 storied building. It will select broadly from international brands and many of them will be flagship ones.Top 10 architects are working on the architecture of the building. The main focus is on the cultural contents. 2,000 square foot Sunken Plaza is one of red mark of the building.It is expected that the building will attract lots of tourists and contribute to the country’s tourism department.For further details please visit the link: