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Sub-Par Effort And Creativity Yields Sub-Par Motion Pictures


No matter what the case may be, there is no excuse for work that is without effort and the creative flare. There can be a horde of money and other resources that can be poured into a movie to make it great and that much more exciting. But without that creative flare, nothing works. The creative flare and the imagination of the filmmakers is what makes all the difference between the success and the failure of a movie. If the success of the movie is as expected, then it can be evident with the post-movie fame and popularity with the commemorating goods and other promotions events like the totoro bed and events of these sort to make everything seem very clear that effort and creativity pays off its dividend. Instead of going behind what may seem like the optimal decision of pouring all your resources into money and other things, it is better to focus on what makes the movie stand out with the rest. Like the aspect of creative flare and the considerable effort behind the movie. That is the difference between the great classics and the ones that may seem like a good movie at the surface level, but has no dimension to it as we go deeper.

Duality In Both Creation And Post-Creation

A great movie has many parts to it and it is in the hands of the audience as well as the filmmakers to carefully make sure that all the aspects of a particular movie are fulfilled to the maximum and to make sure that what the ideas that are brought out in the movie reach the audience in a manner that was intended by the filmmakers.Similarly, when a merchandise or commemorating product like the totoro bed is given to the public, it should convey the ideals of the movie and bring out what the movie tried to present to its audience.


All in all, there needs to a dual purpose for the ideals of the movie when it is running in the present time as well as in the future after the movie’s hype has gone down.