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The Key Elements of Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is basically incorporating a brand’s personality into its logo. It is the actual process of designing the logo, coming up with the concept behind the design and choosing the typography font. Once you figure out how to design identity, you know everything. This includes how to make things upstanding, recognizable, and become instantly iconic. All these traits require a skill that is unbeatable.

Designing an identity wherein the system is rigid ultimately becomes boring, and is likely to be overthrown. People need change and to make identity last you will need to be flexible as a designer. It is important that the brand identity is consistent; by being consistent a company is reinforcing the image and the emotions of the company to its public.

With the above information in mind below are the some of the key elements that are required in Brand Identity design:

  1. Clear brand purpose:

Firstly, to establish your brand identity you will need to know what the brand purpose is. The purpose should state the reason why your brand exists. Along with purpose, one should also keep the positioning of a brand into account, which means, you will have to state why your brand is better than the competition. Once you define these two elements then the basic structure of logo design and color palette will also come into place.

  1. Thorough market research:

Research for a brand identity design is absolutely essential, some of the points you will attain through market research and some from customer research. There is also a lot of content that is online that can help you out.

  1. Having a likable brand personality:

Think of it this way, if you’re brand is a person what would he/she be like? Your brand’s personality will be involved in every part of your brand identity design, i.e., if you get it right. If the brand personality is not established properly it may send off mixed messages to customers, who may have trouble connecting with your brand.

  1. Establishing a memorable logo:

The logo or the brand- which component came first? It is tricky to say since the logos and brands are in a constantly changing environment. But logically speaking a clear brand has to come first followed by a logo that compliments and enhances your brand.

  1. Including attractive elements in your design:

Once you have a clear concept of what you want your final logo to look like, it’s time to include the color palette. When choosing the color the designer should keep in mind the identity and personality of the brand, for example, for a financial company it is not wise to use gaudy or loud colors. Once the color palette is chosen it is now time to choose the typography design, fonts are essential and they are required to create a primary typeface to grow your brand identity design.


A brand logo goes through constant changes, but by starting with a strong brand identity design, you can clarity to your project. By staying consistent with your brand’s identity, one can overcome any problem that a designer may face.