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The Little Things You Should Know About Plush Toys

A plush animal may look very cuddly, but is it really safe for your kid?

Here the favorite rabbit or Kangaroo or Studio Ghibli  of your baby certainly will be the cutest and the cuddly ones. But what can you do to keep them safe? Here is a quick checklist of what exactly you should look for when shopping for safe plush toys.

Look out for the eyes, and the nose: Features like the nose, eyes are made up from materials like buttons and other small plastic objects that can be chewed and could also fall of sometimes. The same goes for several clothing and accessories too. So, the bottom line here is that any items that can be glued or sewn have a good chance of ending up in the mouth of your baby.

Be a little cautious of the wires: Always check the features like ears, tails and more to make sure that the toys are wire free. This is because, even if the wire is covered with the fur, there is a high chance that it could poke out and can injure your baby at any point in time.

Look out for the design and construction: The No Face Spirited Away toys and other stuffed animals should always be super- sturdy in order to keep the stuffing intact in place/

Make sure a Plush toy is washable:  It is a fact that the furry friend can get dirty a little quickly. Here, we are also talking about the grime and the germs it can catch inside. Therefore, the best bet is to purchase the toys that can be washed easily.

Always pay attention to the dust mites: Instead of allowing the germs to harbor collect the mites inside the stuffed toy, just launder the toy and put it in a plastic bag an leave it in the freezer overnight.  This will kill all the mites and other germs present in the toy.

Always keep the baby cot empty:  we agree that the pile of toys may look cute, but it can somehow cause suffocation to your baby. Therefore always keep the toys outside.

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