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Using Flags For Advertising Costs You Less

Wind flags or flag signs are best choice for short term promotions and advertisements to attract people as well as more economical for the business people. These advertising flags come with pole, print and cross feet base and an additional water bag to make them stable. These wind flags can be designed in single or double side prints depending on cost and preference and comes in tear drop or bow banner shapes.

Advantages Of Flags Over Big Banners

advertising banner

The flag signs can attract attention from afar depending on their size. These are prominently used in yard sales, market stalls, sports events, etc that can help your brand and advertisement noticed by many passersby. Even when cost factor prevents you from choosing a double sided print, the single sided flag print also has an 80-90% bleed through that makes a reverse or mirrored image visible on the other side of the flag. When there is a double sided flag signs, it is printed on two separate materials and then attached to prevent the mirror image showing on other side and to enable perfect design on either side of the flag. The flags are designed in such a way that they do not get ripped up in wind while enabling them to rotate freely and move with the gentle breeze to capture attention. The designs on the flag also make the message clearly visible and readable irrespective of the weather or lighting and hence draw more attraction. Besides tear drop and bow shape, flag signs also come in rectangle shape to give more print space to add lengthy messages or information.