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Vicidial- an inclusive tool with great features

In a customer support surroundings, vicidial has turned out to be one of the best modern solutions that helps to formulate the customer agent conversation more dynamic. The best thing that is attached with vicidial installation is that it is capable to present all the indispensable features that are needed to make the customer support scenario more well-organized.

Vicidial is one of the open source contact center software with predictive dialer capabilities. It handles inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls, as well as inbound email and customer website chat. They follow an effective dialling algorithm and they call the customers productively. This attribute takes care of the demography and time-zones of the customers. With the help of this algorithm, they decide the most appropriate time to call a customer. It is accomplished to transmit a pre-recorded message to thousands of customers. This helps to get linked with a good number of customers with a future purpose.

The vicidial installation is simple and this software is very helpful when it comes to contact a large number of customers. The call recording feature analyzes the customer calls and interprets the customer’s intention. This feature gives insights to prepare the agents in a much better way based on customer opinion and the way they converse with agents. If a customer has many contact numbers, then if a customer doesn’t answer on one of the numbers, vicidial begins to contact the alternate numbers one after another. This makes the option of a customer taking the call a lot higher.

Vicidial has quite a lot of tools that help to run the call center to its best prospective. The application is entirely web based and simple to make use of. The administrators can chat with several agents and at the same time and give them instructions accordingly. The web application is offered in different languages to help the agents as well as the customers who speak different languages.