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The Many Exciting Features of Sims 4

Sims 4 is a unique game built to entertain teenagers. The game also has a PEGI 12 rating, which means it does not contain any horrific event or dark theme.  As a result, the game is not too close to a real-life event, which then ensures the complete protection of the teen players.  In the game, Sims are even allowed to climb out of swimming pool without ladders, which is considered by many as a clear disrespect to a tradition that has held sway for long.  Sims 4 download can be done on your PC for a more interesting gaming experience.  While the developer goes extra length not to include any real-life situation in the game, some of the themes present are still suggestive; a good example is the “Juice on the Rocks” drink that refers to real –life cocktail. Continue reading to find out about some of the features that make this game really interesting.

Religious cult

Sims 4 download brings about lots of possibilities. For one, sims can start a religious cult a good example is the Grilled Cheese Cult, which can be started by simply consuming grilled cheese three times one after the other.  This activity will automatically unlock the Melt Master trait, allowing the Sims to propagate grilled cheese, summon the notorious sandwich by just thinking about it and easily paint grilled cheese on an easel. You can learn more about this game by visiting

Sims 4 download

Vampire activities

In the Sims 4, it is possible for vampires to WooHoo via social interaction.  Both the Sims involved must have the ability of the Bat Form to do this.  They can then WooHoo anywhere after changing to the flying phantoms of the night.

The resurrection of other Sims

 Sims 4 gives space for writer Sims and these writers can even resurrect any dead sim by capturing its soul by his writings.  Not all Sims writers can do this; the skill is only limited to those Sims that have successfully improved their Writing Skill and have also completed the “Bestselling Authors” aspiration such sims can write The Book of Life that can be used to “Capture Epic Saga” of any Sim.

The fun is endless in this game.  For example, playing the game will bring you across the Goth family, a family of witches; the family is considered to be Addams Family.  You will also have to encounter the Loch Ness Monster.  The series of features are endless; you can click here to find out more.