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The Brain and Substance Abuse

July 22, 2020

Getting hooked on drugs, cigarettes, adult entrainment, or any other form of addiction is bad. But many people know this and still either get started with one of these things, or they simply can’t stop even when they want too.

Well, while addition starts as a decision that you make, it quickly changes the brain on a deeper level. Because every addition releases dopamine and serotonin, and those are the happiness chemicals. Dopamine starts a craving to fix a problem in the body. If you get hungry and crave a meal, that’s dopamine at work.

Serotonin is the chemical that makes you happy when you eat, and it tells your brain: ‘eating is good, we should do it more!’ However, with addictive substances, more dopamine and serotonin are released than normal. A lot more than normal.

Higher Chemicals, Higher Cravings

Over time, as you take more and more of these substances and your brain receives more and more chemicals, you start to get tougher cravings. This can make seeking substance abuse treatment denton tx very difficult, because your brain is running the show and using its power to make you give in.

That’s why most addiction treatment focuses on bringing the brain back from that high and returning it to normal, and it’s also why addicts don’t find pleasure in the little things anymore. Nothing compares to the high they get from indulging in their substance.

Fixing the Brain

substance abuse treatment denton tx

Thankfully, the brain can be fixed to be good as new, and that’s part of what addiction recovery is all about. Once the happiness receptors in the brain are fixed, most former addicts can enjoy the little things in life again. It takes a while, but every time an addict resists an urge or seeks help, their brain takes a step in the right direction to being better.