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Let Them Talk; You’re on a Mission

July 22, 2020

So many people do not clearly understand substance abuse and the harm that it causes to the sufferer. As you are getting clean, it is hopeful that you’ll surround yourself with people who believe in you and who offer support and words of encouragement. However, preparing for the naysayers is important.

Whether you are entering substance abuse treatment desoto tx or coming out clean and sober, some people will do their best to bring you down. People who do this usually are unhappy with their own lives or disappointed with themselves. And so, they look to ‘take it out’ on someone else. It often comes out in the form of laughing at someone else’s pain even while they suffer.

Remember that words cannot hurt you. If people choose to call you names, it is their right to do so, even though it’s not every kind. Disassociate yourself with such people as much as possible. Self-motivate yourself and understand that you were given a journey for a reason. People change, situations changes, and you have changed.

There is no one to prove yourself to. Other people may not understand what led you to addiction or the struggles you’ve endured since this time. They see things from a one-sided perspective. It really sucks but it is an unfortunate part of life that everyone must accept if they want to succeed.

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If people turn their back on you, they were not meant to be in the next chapter of your life. A true friend, someone that loves you, always sticks by your side regardless of the situation.   When you are breaking free from addiction, there are more important things to focus yourself with instead of what other people think.

You can be the person that you want to be after an addiction.