What to Expect at a Psychiatric Evaluation

What to Expect at a Psychiatric Evaluation

July 22, 2020

If you are dealing with the very real problem of mental health issues, then your first step might be to get a psychiatric evaluation. The psychiatric evaluation will help your doctor figure out what your mental health issue is, and then provide solutions and customized care to help you deal with the problem.

It’s a lot of question and answer, where your doctor talks about your symptoms, lifestyle, and what could be causing your emotional distress. Their goal is to figure out how to diagnose you and make sure they can treat you effectively.

What Will Happen at The Evaluation

When you sit down with your doctor at an evaluation, the doctor will often have you fill out paperwork about your family, lifestyle, and your history of mental health. Then they’ll ask you questions based on your answers.

Finally, depending on what you are diagnosed with, your doctor might prescribe different things to you. If you are dealing with an addiction, then you might need to join a program or see someone specializing in addition. If you are having cognitive problems, then you’ll see a neuropsychiatrist.

How to Know if you Need One

Everyone gets the ‘blues’ on some days or feels high levels of stress. That’s what makes life, as it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. However, if you find yourself feeling nothing but the blues or heightened stress, then that can be a sign of a bigger problem that you need to deal with.

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Your family or loved ones might recommend a psychiatric treatment atlanta for you, because they might be able to see that you are struggling. Even if you can’t see it yourself. Once you get the evaluation and have some answers, then you can start the road away from your mental health problem.